Why women need a remote control vibrators for pleasure?

Women can fall into routine with their toys too. So, with all of the variety on the market why not give up control and let someone else take over? Women have such a huge variety of sex toys available to them. Recently remote control vibrators with Bluetooth controls have become wildly popular.  The element of the unknown comes into play as they will have no control of the toy.  The remote-control user possesses all of the control, which can make the experience enticing and intense.

Remote control vibrators can be handheld controllers, controls on an app or wristband. Allowing users to play any time anywhere essentially. These vibrators can be very discreet and portable adding an entirely new element to your outings. Some are meant to be used in the bedroom like the larger sex machines or vibrating dildos.

Let’s talk about what to look for when seeking out your remote control vibrator. Top things to look for are usually; material, rechargeable or battery, waterproof, sound, size, quality, brand. The material should be body-safe as should all sex toys. Ideally this vibrator will be rechargeable as we definitely don’t want to be changing watch batteries at any point.  If it’s rechargeable, it’s most likely waterproof, you just don’t know where you’ll end up with this toy, so having that option is nice.  We absolutely need this baby to be whisper quiet if we intend to take this on an outing. The best brands all have remote control vibrators, they come in a large variety such as panty vibrators, vibrating dildos, vibrating cock rings or other couple specific toys like sex machines. We enlisted the help of Lovify to narrow down our search for the top picks on these types of toys, here are a few:

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