Seal Your Driveway to Prolong Its Life

Your home’s curb appeal begins at the curb, which means your driveway needs to be as appealing as your home. However, your home’s driveway suffers a lot of abuse over the years. Not only does it have to do battle with the weather on a daily basis with exposure to UV rays or rain and snow, but it also has heavy automobiles on it daily, dropping grease, acids, and salts onto the driveway surface. The best way to keep your driveway looking as good as your home is to give it a layer of protection against the elements. A sealer on your driveway will prevent fading, reduce cracking, and slow deterioration. If you are going to put forth the time and effort to protect your driveway, you need to buy the best driveway sealer.

How to Go About It


  • Ask the salespeople at your local hardware store for their recommendations. Be sure the sales staff spells out not only the price differential but also the longevity you can expect from the product. Purchase a name brand product that guarantees their merchandise. Buy the best product you can afford and weigh the price of the product in relation to how often you’ll need to reapply.
  • Make sure the outside temperature is in the right range when you apply the product. Concrete sealers can be used when the temperature is above fifty degrees, whereas a blacktop surface needs a temperature between seventy and ninety degrees in order to achieve the maximum application.
  • Pressure wash the surface to remove all loose material and give the surface a deep clean. Allow the surface to dry completely.
  • Fill in any cracks with the proper products and follow the instructions for repairing the surface. Any cracks will enable water to penetrate the surface, which will cause the driveway to break down even faster. Allow the repairs to dry completely before applying the sealer.
  • Dampen the concrete or blacktop to saturate the surface in order to cool it to the proper temperature before applying the sealer. Follow the directions on the product for proper application. Use a squeegee to pull the material across the surface to spread it easily. Feather the edges.
  • Finish the application by using a broom to add in some texture, in order to keep the surface from becoming slick.

If you follow these guidelines, you’ll contribute to the longevity of your driveway if you use the best driveway sealer.

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