Which One Is Better – Bowls Vs. Bongs

There is an ongoing debate among people when it comes to deciding between bowls and bongs. Hand pipes are convenient to use, but water pipes offer smooth and more intense smoking experience. If you are also struggling to form the right selection, then read this article.

Here, we will discuss the benefits, and drawbacks of both to help you arrive at the right decision.

Features of Bowls

Bowls come in different sizes, and shapes. They are smaller than bongs that makes them easier to conceal. Most of the bowls are made from wood, magnets, and stones.


  • Convenient to carry and hide
  • Less expensive
  • Highly efficient

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Drawbacks of bowls

  • As a majority of bowls is made from glass, they are easier to break.
  • Gets clogged easily than bongs
  • Difficult to clean
  • Frequent smoking using them can burn the throat
  • Bowls can’t filter out several chemicals from the smoke

Features of Bongs

Bongs are available in all sizes and shapes. Their large size provides a high smoking experience to the user. They are available in glass, metal, ceramic, and acrylic materials. Sometimes, it becomes a little tough to hold a big bong. A bong is costly than a bowl.

Advantages of Bongs

  • Bongs offer an intense high with less marijuana
  • Bongs can filter out nearly 95% of particulate and carcinogens from smoke
  • Bongs offer a smooth smoking experience
  • Bongs can be customized with percolators, slides, screens, and more
  • Easy to clean

Disadvantages of Bongs

  • Expensive than bowls
  • Can break quite easily when you are not cautious
  • Hard to conceal and carry

Difference between Bongs or Bowls

Bongs are larger than bowls. Due to their large size, they are difficult to hide and offer inconvenience. However, their large size and high filtration capacity provide an enhanced smoking experience to the user. They are expensive than a bowl.

Bongs are customizable. You can buy them in different sizes, and designs. This allows you to get creative and choose a different one for every occasion. You can upgrade a bong to provide better percolation and add some accessories to it.

Bongs are complex to use due to the presence of moving pieces. If you are a routine smoker, bongs are a better alternative to bowls. Compared to a bowl, a bong gets you bigger hits easily with lesser, and marijuana.


Looking at different criteria, we find bongs to be the superior choice to smoke than bowls. As they are larger, they offer you an efficient filtration ability that gives you a high feeling and a healthy experience.

Lastly, it depends on the user’s preference and the way he is going to use the device.  Based on your smoking circumstances, you can try them and find which one works for you the best.

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