How to Ensure Safe Travel in Maldives? – Travel Tips for Tourists

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a major drop in international travel in 2020. Lately countries have started opening their border and slowly a sense of normalcy is regaining in many places. There are new safety regulations imposed to control the spread of infection. Travellers travelling to Maldives should be aware about the new rules prior to their travel date.


  • Carry proof of negative PCR test taken 96 hours before flight departure.
  • Complete a Health Declaration form available online 24 hours before departure
  • Install contact tracing app, Trace Ekee

Covid-19 travel regulations in Maldives:

  • Temperature check is done on arrival
  • Tourists showing covid-19 symptoms will be subject to PCT test and suspected cases are held in quarantine
  • Curfew is imposed in certain places from midnight to 4am
  • Tourists staying a guest house get a PCR test done 72 hours before their departure from Maldives
  • Prior approval is required for inter-island travel

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Safety tips for tourists:

Maldives being a tourist hotspot is generally safe for travellers. However as in with any other country you can expect some disturbances. Being mindful about your surroundings and educating yourself about the island’s rules would keep you better prepared.

Religious issues: Maldives is an Islamic country and is strictly against importing drugs, weapons, pornography, pork products, and non-Islamic religious text. Public observance of other religions is considered illegal and tourists are expected to dress modestly in public places and refrain from showing public display of affection.

Civil unrest: Civil unrest incidents may occur in the capital and if you spot a public demonstration breaking out, move away from there and keep following media reports for updates.

Problems during island hopping: Travelling to other resort islands can be done using speed boats, ferry or seaplane. However, exercise caution when visiting non-resort islands since Maldives has strict Islamic rules. Visit non-resort islands accompanied by a licensed tour operator.

Travel: The boats and planes are generally in a good condition, but you should go by our gut. If the vessel looks too worn out or leaky, it is better to swap it for another one just to be on the safer side.

Theft: Even though crime rates are low, there is a possibility of thefts when you leave your personal belongings attended especially in public places. You’ll have to be careful with your wallet.

Ethical souvenir shopping: Avoid purchasing souvenirs made of turtle shells and corals. It is considered illegal to export them from Maldives and even if you manage to get it home, there are high chances for it to be confiscated on arrival in your home country.

Travel safely in Maldives. Being aware of these tips will help in enjoying a hassle-free vacation.





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