From the well-known national dish of Vietnam to the traditional dishes served in Vietnamese streets, all Vietnamese foods are sought for by everyone. In this type of cuisine, everything is not dependent on complexity. Rather, the quality of the dish is dependent on flavor and most of all, freshness. These are the subtleties that keep customers coming back for more and become fanatics of Vietnamese food in Singapore.

Vietnamese flavors are diverse as can be. With all the herbs and spices that grow abundantly in the tropical country, they are bound to be able to create dishes that utilize this vegetation usefully. Also, regions of Vietnam are starting to have their own versions of some dishes. These are of course adapted in Vietnamese restaurants and establishments all over the world. What does this result to? More menu choices for customers! With all the versions of Vietnamese food coming out, it is impossible for them to not find what they want.

However, there are those dishes that every newcomer in this cuisine should try first to know what their preferences are when it comes to Vietnamese food and to simply try the must-eat classical Vietnamese dishes.


Any list of must try Vietnamese food would be incomplete without the most popular Vietnamese dish out there. When walking on the streets of Vietnam, Pho is all over the place. Whether you order this on the stalls set up by locals or on established restaurants that serve it, this dish remains as delicious and savory as it should be. Pho is the national dish of Vietnam, making it number one on our list. This simple creation made of a special broth infused with spices would truly make anyone crave for it seconds after they finish the first bowl. Beef and rice noodles are included in this dish along with a variety of greens that would never make you question the nutrition you get from it. Also, you can get Pho for a very cheap price making it something everyone could afford. Add in the tastiness and wide availability, Pho truly earned its spot as the most popular Vietnamese dish.

Bun Rieu

Like Pho, Bun Rieu is a noodle soup with a tasty broth, meat and vegetables. There is a perfect reason why noodle soups are the framework of Vietnamese street food. This is due to the fact that broths are very special to the Vietnamese. Hard work is put into making this by the careful addition of flavors such as spices and ingredients that are prepared for their special role in the dish. Steaming and roasting over a fire before adding these ingredients to the broth are some of the processes involved to make the broth as savory as possible. In this dish, tomatoes and dried shrimp serve as its base. These are simmered along with aromatics such as lemongrass, clove and placed with pork trotters. Roasted pork, fresh vegetables, rice noodles and some basil are also served with this dish. The tanginess of the tomatoes with the fattiness of the pork is a perfect combination.

Goi Ca Trich

This dish is primarily served as an appetizer in Vietnamese restaurants, and even establishments that serve Vietnamese food in Singapore and all over the world. Goi Ca Trich usually uses fish that is slightly pickled, placed on rice paper that was dried and sliced thinly and added with pineapples, lettuce, coconuts, basil and lime juice. This combination is then rolled up and dipped into a lime juice and fish sauce preparation. All the different textures and tastes blend well in this dish as aromatic, sweet, salty and acidic favors explode in your mouth and make you take bite after bite.

Dau Rong

Also known as “winged beans or dragon beans”, these legumes have frilly edges and had been described by tourists as a cross between an asparagus and a snow pea. However, they differ from these by having a succulent and delightful feel to them. These winged beans are sautéed in a wok together with garlic, fish sauce, citrus and scallions. They are simple, healthy and very delicious.

These timeless dishes of Vietnam would certainly make you appreciate how simplicity makes everything more beautiful. The next time you pass a Vietnamese restaurant or stall, make sure to try these out. Indulge yourself with the classical dishes of Vietnam!

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