Do You Know About the Hazard on The Road While Driving?

While you are driving on the road, it is important for you to identify potential hazards on the road so that you can get enough time to react accordingly.

In most of the driving schools, special emphasis is given for learners to identify potential hazards on the road. Also, when you apply for your driving license, there is a special section of hazard perception test present in the driving test examination.

Let us discuss in this article about hazard perception test that one has to clear in order to apply for necessary driving license.

What is developing hazard?

Any developing hazards are some of the following:

  • A pedestrian suddenly stepping out on the road
  • Any child running in between the parked cars
  • A car exiting driveway.

So, in order to improve your own hazard perception skills, it will be important that you must learn to check for early warning signs available from any developing hazard.

You have to develop your understanding about how different situations may potentially turn into a serious hazard.

Let us take a real example here – Suddenly you notice a ball rolling out across the road that is ahead of you and that could potentially be followed closely by a young child.

Sooner you identify to spot such developing hazard, quicker you are able to react and avoid any unnecessary action, which could potentially end up as serious collision.

When should you click in hazard perception test?

In order to get score during hazard perception test, try to respond immediately the moment you can identify any potential developing hazard.

During hazard perception test, the candidate will be given mark out of 5 marks for each clip. The marks will be given based on how quickly the candidate responds to actual hazard.

In order to clear the driving test, the candidate need to obtain minimum marks of 44 to clear the test, which means that candidate need to score average of greater than three out of the five marks for each question of the test.

Obviously, it is important that the candidate must be able to click the moment he will notice the possible hazard. At the same time, candidate should be little careful not to just click too often.

That is because in this test there is an algorithm designed to prevent any cheating by over-clicking. Few people however often say that it is quite simple to fall foul from this rule, hence it is essential that sufficient practice tests must be done before appearing for the test.

What you must look for?

In actual driving you may come across many different kinds of hazards that may be static hazards or dynamic hazards, but for this test you have to identify only those which are developing hazards.

Following are few of the hazards that will be shown in the test:

  • Pedestrian moving in the road in unpredictable way
  • Emergency vehicles like ambulance
  • Other cars can also be quite unpredictable
  • Cyclists can suddenly emerge from nowhere

By doing enough practice test one can develop the right sense to identify any hazard.

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