Nose Rings or Nose Studs – Which One to Choose?

Nose Rings or Nose Studs have been the most common way to adorn the nose with stunning jewellery since ages. Women of all age group prefer them as they are a symbol of beauty and are quite comfortable to wear daily.

Now septum ring is part of many women’s jewellery collection, thus usually bought from the best sellers of it like Pierce Off. It’s a one stop shop for enchanting nose jewellery. You will find exclusive pieces of nose rings as well as nose studs that are priced reasonably. However, before you place your order, it is best to know the special features or unique qualities of both kinds of nostril jewelleries.

Nose rings and why every lady wants to wear it:

  • They look best and trendy to be worn with your daily wear.
  • Easy to use as they adjust well with your skin texture.
  • There are no issues of long healing time as they are light weight and small in size.
  • Available in loads of design and are cost effective.
  • You can have larger rings fit higher on your side nostril part.

While planning to place nostril rings make sure the piercer does a good job. If the piercing angle is quite steep or pierced at wrong place like on the lower part of the nose, there are chances of feeling uncomfortable and the jewel ring may protrude out.

Nose studs are the best options thus an all-time favourite of many women

  • Nose studs are the best for those who just got their nostrils pierced. Even expert piercers suggest to use them as the studs will help in healing soon compared to the rest of nose jewellery.
  • Studs can be worn at any part of the nose like even for high piercing, Septril piercing or even be part of triple nostril piercing.
  • The studs are generally budget friendly for they are designed using all kind of metals and gems. Hence, you can have vast collection of them matching your every attire.
  • It is available in all jewellery shops. So, no need to make any added efforts searching for the best.

The interesting facts of nose studs and nose rings are really fascinating.

  • Women in many Asian countries and tribal women used them as it is believed that baby delivery will be easy.
  • Aids in keeping the reproductive organs functioning well. Hence, when a girl attends puberty the nose is pierced as part of the ritual. In short, it improves the feminine vitality.
  • The nose jewellery symbolises their marital status.
  • The nose piercing not only supports the beauty of the face and also assists in brain development. Hence, girls at a young age have their nose pierced.

However, you need to take care of your nose jewellery otherwise there are chances of experiencing infection. Many forget to maintain facial hygiene thus the need arises to remove the nose adorning jewellery. Enjoy your nose rings and nose stud’s beauty by shopping from one of the best jeweller’s online

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