Real or Fake CBD – Amazing Tips to Identify the Real CBD Oil for You

There is no doubt about the surging CBD oil demand due to its health benefits. At the same time, consumers are tricked in some way to buy low-quality CBD oil. With the introduction of the U.S. Farm Bill of 2018, huge manufacturers came up to satisfy the need and demand of CBD products among the consumers. It has also allowed pushing some low-quality CBD products with creative offers and tricky ads.

But, are these products genuine? Do they possess good health benefits of CBD?

Let us find the answer for you to choose the right CBD oil while you go for your next shopping.

What is the fake about CBD oil?

CBD oil contains around 60% CBD, less than 0.30% THC, and traces of other essential cannabinoids and nutrients. The ingredients may differ depending upon the full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD oil that you have purchased. In addition to these authenticated ingredients, many manufacturers add synthetic cannabinoids to reduce their manufacturing costs.

Synthetic cannabinoids are the human-made cannabinoids engineered in the lab. They are made from dried plants and harmful chemicals to produce psychoactive effects on the human mind. They can also cause extreme anxiety, hallucination, high heart rate, violent behaviors, and much more dangerous health effects.

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How does CBD oil get contaminated for low quality?

The market value of CBD is high. Some manufacturers produce CBD products that contain less CBD and more of other ingredients to produce low-quality cheap CBD products.

Fake and unhealthy CBD oil may contain –

  1. Synthetic and biosynthetic cannabinoids.
  2. Harmful flavoring additives and thinning agents.
  3. Pesticides and other harmful agricultural chemicals used to cultivate the hemp plant inorganically.
  4. Impurities of solvents used during the low-grade extraction method.

How to differentiate real CBD oil from fake CBD oil?

A genuine and healthy CBD oil contains CBD extracted from the leaves, flowers, and stem of the Cannabis Sativa hemp plant. There are products labeled as CBD oil but are Hemp seed oil in reality. Hemp seed oils are extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant and do not possess the therapeutical benefits of CBD.

You can follow below steps to verify the product label for real CBD oil –

  1. Match the product label with the third-party lab reports (Certificate of Origin). COA details about entire ingredients from natural CBD to harmful synthetic cannabinoids and pesticides.
  2. Check the extraction method. CO2 extraction is the most extensive way to extract pure CBD.
  3. Source of CBD, country of hemp cultivation, concentration of each ingredients and manufacturer’s details.

You must visit the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the U.S. Hemp Authority websites for the enlisted reputed CBD brands and various guidelines for CBD consumers.

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