NB Oils For Quality Eco-friendly Goods and Services

NB Oils is a young company, but has a long history with years of experience. The young company is a merger of two successful Sweden companies. Nordin’s in Sala [1957] and Bergslagsoljor in Vasteras [1968] got together through Preem in 2006. They merged into a stronger company called NB Oljor AB. NB Oils are Preem certified dealers.


  • Preem evolution diesel

It is a diesel manufactured from forest residual products. It helps to reduce fossil carbon emissions. It meets the diesel standards SS 155435-2016 of Sweden.

  • ACP diesel with RME

Active Cleaning Powder helps to clean the engine and thus prevents rust, emissions, and fuel consumption. RME [7%] complies with SS 155435 – 2016 MK1 standards.

  • ACP diesel without RME

It is a blank diesel that is suitable for long storage needed in marine use as reserve power. ACP keeps the engine coating free, so it performs smoothly.


  • Gasoline 95

It is of MK1 quality, which offers optimal power and engine performance reliability. It contains 5% ethanol, and thus greenhouse gas emission gets reduced. Besides, the low level of sulfur content improves the function and the service life of the catalyst.

  • Alkylate gasoline

It is a clean gasoline form that produces less smoke and smell than regular petrol. It is great for the engine, man, and the environment. Those who work with clearing saws, chainsaws, lawnmowers, cultivators, and hedge trimmers can enjoy a nearly eco-friendly working environment. Visit to find out about Aspens Racing petrol.

Fuel oil

  • Fuel oil 10 – It has less sulfur content [>500 ppm] suitable for indoor environment with a temperature below -5°C. No sulfur tax!
  • Fuel oil 32 – It is a great outdoor quality gas oil with less sulfur content [>500 ppm]. It works fine in temperature not less than -22°C. You get exempted from sulfur tax.
  • Gas oil – It is engine oil designed for marine use like commercial ships. You can choose indoor or outdoor quality.
  • Fuel oil BIO 100 – Oil-manufactured at RME 100% is a great non-fossil alternative for boiler burners, where gaskets, hoses, and other parts are RME approved.

Flexible services

Tanker deliveries

They have a range of modern and quality fuels delivered to customers around Sweden with their tankers. They deliver to every kind of industry including, haulage, construction, forestry, agriculture, marina, real estate, gas stations, etc. through their dealer’s network. An agricultural client gets extended credits, if necessary. To order fuel today visit

Tank rental, sale, and cleaning

NB Oil offers tank inspection & cleaning services. If you want a new tank or a replacement just contact the team. They even offer farmers with customized tank solutions.

Automatic & bearing customer service

If you desire to have fuel or diesel available all the time, then request for automatic customer services. The team will arrange fuel deliveries as per predetermined volume and schedule in a tank including a bearing.

Quality policy

Through systematic improvement, NB oils deliver fuel and oil to customers at the time scheduled and at the correct price. They have created loyal customers with their quality services. Their employees are committed to delivering customer-oriented services.

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