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Understanding The High Bay Led Lights And Its Efficiency For Your Lighting Solution

LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights have emerged as a great invention. They mainly the use low electricity and provide the highest quality of light. They help you save a lot of energy, money and make your home brighter. They are more efficient in saving electric energy than the other sources of light.

There are several choices which you can consider while choosing an LED light. It comes in different colors, designs, lumens and sizes. This makes it a bit tricky to choose the correct light for your home. The LED experts have all your queries solved and they will provide you with the best guide to choose the right high Bay LED lights.

The electricity cost has definitely increased but the LED cost has decreased. Companies have started making cost-effective LED that save a lot of energy. LED lights have unique designs and combinations of elements to manage heat. For this reason, LED lights are free from overheating and burning defects. The modern high Bay LED lights are very efficient.

The commercial and industrial bases use a light that is called Bay lighting. With the changing time, they have been called as a high Bay to easily distinguish between the high Bay LED lights and low Bay LED lights. The high Bay lights are high intensity and powerful light sources which are usually hung at higher than 12’ and are more than 10000 lumens. These are used to illuminate large areas like big showrooms, gyms, warehouses etc.

Why is High Bay LED lights preferred over others?

The high Bay LED lights are appropriate because of some specific reasons. Some of these reasons have been discussed below.

A clear and uniform lighting effect makes high Bay LED lights safer for larger areas of concern.

They are very cost-effective. the price of LED high Bay lights is comparatively low as compared to other bulbs.

They also last for longer duration and cutting down your expenses for buying new light every now and then. They require less maintenance and are economical to use.

They tend to save a lot of energy. There are many individuals who face electricity issues and high bill problems. If you are looking for a better source of light that consumes less energy, LED High Bay lights are best for you.

They do not even damage the environment. They produce more lights and use less energy. All in all, you will end up saving a lot of money because of low electricity bills.

Appearance is something which everyone is very particular about these days. These lights look very expensive and are apt for decoration and other design ideas. They even attract customers as they are very bright.

They can be used along with different reflectors like aluminum and prism to either focus or scatter the emitting lights to different locations of the area.

They have more lumen of light and make your place brighter.  They last for around 20 years.  LED High Bay lights are very safe as they do not use any UV radiations and Mercury. It is very safe to operate it with respect to the whole health perspective as well.  They are available in different fixture designs and shapes.

Types of High Bay LED lights

You can choose from a wide range of variety depending upon your requirements.

LED Linear High bay lights – These are linear High bay lights. They can be found almost everywhere. They have a typical T8 bulb shape. They have a long linear fixture with reflectors to provide maximum lighting for larger areas. They are usually hung using two fixture holders and are easy to install. They are used for warehouse lightings.

UFO High Bay lights – These are round High Bay lights. They have a saucer Shape. They are very convenient to install because they just need to be fixed at a point. They do not require any reflectors as the LEDs are particularly configured to dissipate light at required angles. They are generally fixed or hung through the in-built hook. They are generally used in large playgrounds and stadiums.

Strip Lighting – They are long reel of LEDs available in 2ft, 4ft and 8ft. These are long fixtures. They need a lot of work for installation. They are flexible and can be installed in curved or uneven surfaces. They are mostly used in retail centers.

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