Mindfulness Can Be A Powerful Tool In Your Hand

There are many benefits of engaging in the practice which bring our awareness to the present moment, i.e., what we are thinking right now; where are we; what are we doing, and so on. You become highly alert or conscious of your inner process and the surroundings. It reduces the impact of stress, anxiety, and negative feelings on you.

The negative emotions are always heightened by compulsive thoughts that do not let the positive feelings thrive. Being conscious about the present can also help in reducing the tendency of having compulsive thoughts. Thinking of ‘what would happen if…’ is a common occurrence when you are anxious.

It All Lies In The Mind

This practice has shown evidence of effectiveness in various settings with the help of modern applied psychology. In psychology, this practice called mindfulness is a cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) that focuses on what you are thinking and how your thoughts can influence your actions and day-to-day conduct.

This concept originated from Buddhist practices. They used mediums like meditation to reach enlightenment by facilitating detachment and renunciation. They somewhat believed that all the sufferings of the world come from attachment to worldly worries and salvation or enlightenment comes from a peaceful mind that feels compassion for all beings.

How To Make It Work?

We all know that at some point of time in life you are bound to feel negative emotions like anxiety, stress, and depression. It happens so mainly due to our thoughts that delve either into our past or future. We tend to demean our self-worth in the process of having these thoughts. For instance, “Others may not like my presentation as I did not get much time for preparation”

If this type of thought keeps going on in your mind it would increase your anxiety level and ultimately affect your performance or behavior. You can stop this from happening by –

  • Observe when you are losing your focus and thinking in such a way.
  • Bring your mind back to the present.
  • Try to be non-judgmental when you go through this moment.


Being mindful won’t make you get rid of negative emotions that you feel due to various reasons. However, it may give you a space to think about what exactly are you feeling right now and how you want to respond to these feelings. You have the choice to deal with your emotions constructively.

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Meditation is an important technique but it’s not all there is to be mindful of. Moreover, there are hundreds of ways you can practice meditation. You can use simple strategies like focused breathing, listening to music, and body visualization to make your meditation skills better. Make sure you reach out to acquire proper resources and be proactive in dealing with your problems.

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