The Condition of Sex Workers Amid COVID-19 in Paris, Belgique, and Suisse

Coronavirus outbreak has negatively affected many industries. However, there is one specific for which the impact has been extreme and unavoidable – The industry of sex workers. 

Unfortunately, the term essential labour which is used for occupations without which day-to-day needs of citizens cannot be met isn’t used for sex workers. Even in locations where sex work is not illegal, the government doesn’t consider sex workers essential. This means the industry suffers a lot of consequences without any support. 

Here we have discussed everything there to know about sex workers and their situation during COVID 19 pandemic. 

Lack of government support

Sex workers are in a lot of trouble since sex work is a job that brings people closer. Sex workers are continuously calling for government support, but since they are not recognized as workers in the first place, they are not entitled to get any support. Well, no one wants to step out of their house amid a pandemic, but without any access to financial support, they are practically forced to. 

Sex workers are meeting clients on regular basis and dealing with the risk of contracting the virus. Now, unfortunately, those who follow all the lockdown measures, lose most of their clients. 

After the outcry from activists in France, the government has come forward to offer aid to sex workers who lost livelihood during the lockdown. Many escort communities have also adopted online fundraising option to sustain the difficult times. Many of them also transitioned to webcam live to meet their needs and expenses. You can check out blog amateur sexe for information.  

Health hazards

It is observed that coronavirus severely affects those with chronic diseases. Several sex workers report having chronic illnesses, and this makes them more vulnerable to infection. In simple words, they might be enjoying their work otherwise, but for now, they are not going to work with a smile. 

Besides, it is difficult for them to explain to every customer the precautions they should be taking. Clients usually don’t agree with putting on a mask or avoiding oral. This clearly explains why many sex workers feel safe and secure in their homes, and are avoiding infection. 

There are nearly 26000 sex workers in Belgium, imagine the spread of the virus if all of them have to work with difficult clients. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot expect to have a good time. There are escort Belgique who are safe because they take all the necessary precautions. After all, Panamescorte is one of the leading escort agencies for a reason. Now the lockdown rules have also been eased in Belgium for the sex workers.

Escorts services were booming in Switzerland before the lockdown. Now after almost a year and a half of lockdown, they are allowed to operate again. These services are taking highest precaution to avoid the spread of virus. If you look at escort Suisse at Panamescorte they have banned the entry for old people as they are vulnerable to disease severity and have weaker immunity. They also do not allow face services to the clients till the pandemic situation comes under control.

Shifting to Virtual Sex 

Social distancing and months of lockdown have increased the feeling of loneliness and anxiety for most of us. This is the reason why online sex work has excelled in the past 2 years. Interactive erotic services are booming, since the desire to make human connection never drops. 

Many professional porn actors, exotic dancers, and escorts have started offering virtual sexual services. There are countless platforms including pre-internet mediums like sexting and phone sex for this. However, above all, there are two very important ways in which virtual sexual intimacy is created – camming and selling self-made porn movies. 

Then again, shifting to virtual sex work is not possible for everyone. One needs an internet connection as well as a private space to work. Since most sex workers live with their families or in areas where internet connection is not available, working online becomes impossible. 

To experience some company and mind-blowing intimacy virtually and in person, you can depend on premium agencies like Panamescorte. Escorts working with them are well-trained and follow social distancing norms. No matter how stressed you are, they can surely make you feel relaxed and special, and isn’t that what we all need amid a pandemic. 

Finding creative ways is getting crucial

Overall, the demand for meeting in person has declined because of COVID 19 outbreak. However, still there are many sex workers which report that clients are pressurizing them to meet in person. Also, escorts who have regulars, can’t simply stop meeting them, or else they might simply lose their loyalty. 

If this is the case, it becomes necessary to find creative ways to please the clients. For instance, escorts from reputed agencies make sure that their clients follow precautions like using hand sanitizers, and scan their body temperature. They also disallow group sex and oral sex. 

Furthermore, some businesses have taken great precautions as well. Just like a Portland strip club, which now offers a drive-through service. 

So, to conclude it can be said that the conditions in which sex workers are working are not easy. They not only have to take a lot of precautions but even come up with new and creative ways of offering sexual services.  

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