How To Put Music On Spotify and Get Streamed?

Spotify has been leading the online music streaming industry with more users getting engage in it. It has been the most popular source of revenue for artists. Spotify and other online streaming media are part of the music promotional strategy of the modern music industry.

MusicDigi is an online music distributor who has the network to sell your music online worldwide. You can easily get your music on popular streaming services such as Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, Apple Music, and many more. You can reserve 100% ownership of your music and solely gain royalties received from streams on them.

Steps to release your song on Spotify

  • Complete your music

For you to release your music, it is important that you first complete your music-making process. Give an appropriate tempo, volume to fit amongst other Spotify music. Design suitable and relevant cover art for your album. Do not showcase or display any illegal or explicit content.

  • Look for a digital music distributor

Users do not have the option to individually upload their track. You will need to find a Digital Service Provider (DSP) or distributors such as MusicDigi who has the license or rights to put your song on Spotify or any other streaming platform. They make sure that your music gets published into popular streaming media with the appropriate format.

  • Submit your tracks

Upload your tracks via the account of your online digital service provider. They will release them on different streaming services. This is the most hassle-free way to get your music on Spotify.

  • Get all the important license

Ensure that you have all the needed copyright-licenses needed before you submit a cover track. If found copyrighted, your track can be taken down online.

  • Reveal metadata about your tracks

Metadata is the key to organize your tracks in Spotify categorically. Filling metadata regarding genres, subgenres, titles, producers, lyricists, and others can help people include your tracks in similar playlists. Be sure to include the label information. If publishing as an independent artist, you can be named as the owner.

  • Select streaming services

It is time to make choices between streaming services you want to release your tracks on. You can sell your music on Amazon and Spotify simultaneously.

Post releasing your music

After publishing your tracks online, it is now time to get as many streams as possible so that you can receive royalties accordingly. The best way to get abundant streams is if your songs get playlisted. You must claim the Spotify Artist profile to get a verified mark beside your account. It is all a part of the promotional strategy.

The music distributor you are acquainted with will ensure that you get royalties from every streaming service collectively in one place. As soon as someone streams or listens to your song, you will get paid.


Due to digital music streaming platforms more fresh artists have stepped into the music industry. Most of the artists stream their music on Spotify amidst millions of music lovers and easily earn royalties based on streams.

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