Tips For Hotels To Improve Facebook Marketing Strategies

Facebook evolved a long way from making Fan Pages for businesses. It has been providing businesses with opportunities for efficiently developing their business. For getting your ads on Facebook, marketers have to pay a certain fee. It has been using tools for reaching audiences in a creative manner possible. It makes use of user-friendly options for elaborating business and building trust between customers and clients.

Aiad is one such Facebook marketing agency helping businesses grow and social media plays quite an important role in that case. All businesses have special requirements including hotel business also. Some of the ways of improving Facebook marketing strategies:

  • Creating relevant content

All content published on Facebook must be relevant and easily understandable to customers and viewers. Try adding a summary containing all essential details regarding your business. Including your website, the link is one of the best ways of making your business known. In this way, your customers can easily view your access to sites and email addresses.

  • Using coupons and promos

Customers are always in search of coupon codes and promos for discounts. For this make use of special discounts and offers for making your customers come back to your page time and again. You can also provide guest discounts for all new customers. In this way, they will like your pages and involve in it.

These promotions help in encouraging guests in booking hotels with your website rather than with any others.

  • Boosting of all relevant posts

While making any content, make sure of relating the content to any hotel or other destinations. Promoting your page becomes easy and you can invite more people in this way. But setting a budget is necessary and while boosting, it must always reach the correct people.

  • Having instant booking available

For making instant booking available on your pages, you will have some custom tabs like the book now or call now options. If you have the right booking website, then linking that page to your Facebook page seems easy and travelers can book tickets directly from the FB page instead of going to your website.

  • Providing guest service through Messenger service

Hotels are trying their best in improving the guest welcoming services and Facebook Messenger is one of the cheapest ways of doing so. This is one platform that has been used by almost 1 billion people worldwide. Many hotels have started using Messenger for booking services.

But before that, setting a good username is necessary for making people know about your hotel. Customers can also book room services and manage guest requests.

  • Encouraging of Facebook check-ins

TripAdvisor is one such website for reviewing hotels before booking for comparing prices. Facebook doesn’t give many reviews and they appear higher on the brand’s page and these factors directly result in Facebook itself.


Facebook does the best thing in hotel promotion and businesses can adopt the same for increasing profits. It creates a great provision for engaging customers and cultivation loyalty.

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