Styles of Lighting Fixtures – From Vintage Chandeliers To Contemporary Pendants

It’s hard to ignore the presence of chandeliers in a room because a right chandelier will complement the interior theme, illuminates the room and creates a charming appeal.

Choosing a perfect chandelier is influenced by individual needs like whether you need a chandelier for elegant or tasteful complement that match your interior or you need it as a centerpiece of interior decoration. Everything makes a difference in your home decoration.

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Here is some basic information about chandeliers that help you choose a right one depending on your requirement.

Chandelier styles

Crystal chandelier – vintage romance

From Georgian era to till today, crystal pieces are the re-imagining of classic vintage chandeliers. These lighting fixtures are elegant, elaborate and audacious that delivers voltage glamour in the contemporary house. Precision cut and hand polished crystals creates refracted lights that can be admired through all the angles of a room.

The antique frame, center pieces, bobeche dishes and candle lights gives a contemporary touch that goes well with any type of interior decorative theme.

Inception pendant – Minimalistic magic

Inception pendants are slick, deceptive, sleek and simple. This flat pendant reflects geometric lines that reveal glowing lights at night. These inception pendants deliver generous drama dose to an evening.

Orb crystal chandeliers – celestial intervention

Orb crystal pieces are unique and intricate creation. They are a perfect choice for people who are looking to create a stellar kind of look in a living space. It is a mix of both classic and contemporary style.

Classic chandelier – Glamorous

You can find creative designs like classic volt in the market. They take the vintage chandelier shape and results in conceptual, playful piece. Diffused lightings will be created with recycled glasses, arranged in the clusters and then bulbs will be suspended to create a glimmering constellation.

In addition to these, there are many other designs including crystal raindrop pendants for contemporary chic look, Rex Pendant for elegant artistic decorative look and more.

Choosing crystal chandeliers

Basic selection process – Interior style is the main factor that influences an individual when choosing a lighting fixture. Minimalist interiors will select original fixtures that grab the attention even at first look, while classical interiors opt for decent lighting fixtures that emphasize the appearance of entire room.

While selecting a chandelier, you have to consider the size of lighting. Generally, 210 cm walking height is ideal to install a chandelier and using 40W bulb helps to provide enough lighting in the room.

Suspending a chandelier – Chandeliers will be suspended at the center of a room, whereas in dining rooms it will be placed over dining table so that illumination will stand out as the central piece of the space. In case you are installing chandelier over dining table, then distance between lowest part of chandelier and dining table must be over 80cm.

Choose the best store that sell attractive chandeliers and order today to make your home more attractive place and the nights more pleasant.

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