Eyewear Suitable For Faces In The Shape Of A Heart

The rectangular, oval, or aviator shapes are going to look the best on faces that are shaped like hearts. Finding the perfect pair of glasses for a heart-shaped face to complement your face might feel like an uphill battle. Whether you’re looking for eyeglasses for men or ladies, we’ve got you covered. Faces in the shape of hearts typically have rounded corners and graceful curves.

Experiment with these classic eyewear styles that are perfect for those with heart-shaped features.

Oval Glasses

Oval frames are the ideal choice for those with heart-shaped features. They help smooth down the sharp corners of faces and bring the angles into better proportion, making the face look more like a base-up triangle. Because they are not as tall as round eyeglasses, they do not run the danger of exaggerating the prominence of your cheekbones.

Square Glasses

Because trapezoid eyeglass frames tend to be broader at the top than at the bottom, they are an excellent choice for those who have the face shape of a heart. This lens design has a tapered edge, which serves to give width to the top of your face without bringing undue attention to your cheeks, so giving your face the appearance of being balanced.

Semi-Rimless And Rimless

Eyeglasses with a rimless or semi-rimless frame are an excellent choice for those with a base-up triangular facial shape since these types of frames have higher lens heights. Your appearance is kept airy by the absence of frame components, which does not draw attention to your more prominent face characteristics.


You have a heart-shaped face; therefore rectangular spectacles will help you balance out the curves on your face without bringing undue emphasis to its breadth. You may assist prevent your appearance from becoming too top-heavy by using eyeglasses with thin frames made of metal and lenses of a light tone.

Eyewear Suitable For Faces Shaped Like Hearts

Faces that have the form of a heart are broadest in the brow, then gradually narrow down to the chin, and have high cheekbones. This facial shape can either be long or round depending on the individual.

If you want to find the best glasses for heart shaped faces, you should have some fun with opposites and go for frames that are winged-out or broad and stick out somewhat further than the forehead. These frames should have rounded bases to compliment and balance the characteristics of the face.

Aviator frames: Increase the contrast and the breadth

Frames in the shape of rectangles or ovals: Strike a balance between your foreheads and chin

Round: Make angular characteristics more rounded.

Heart-shaped faces should use this kind of sunglasses.

Look for kinds of frames that have a deep base and discreet wingtips that are slightly broader than your forehead to get glasses that are proportional to your face.

Sunglasses with aviator or bowline frames are excellent choices.

Are You Unsure If You Have A Face That Is Shaped Like A Heart?

You may determine whether or not you have a heart-shaped face by using your fingertips to sketch the outline of your face while you are standing in front of a mirror. Faces that are shaped like hearts are broadest in the forehead, have prominent cheekbones, and gradually narrow toward the chin.

This style of the face is characterized by a combination of angles, lines, and curves, as was discussed earlier. That translates to the fact that certain faces are more oval and reminiscent of a heart, whilst others are longer and more angular, like an inverted triangle. We have the ideal eyeglasses for those with heart-shaped features, regardless of whether your face is more oval or round, or even a combination of both!

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