Best Budget-Friendly Gifts for this holiday season

Pandemic has been challenging for each one of us. You might be short of cash, time, or even both this year, so we are here for you with gift ideas on a budget.

To help you pick the right gift, we’ve put together a couple of affordable gift options. These gifts range from $5 to $50 for your loved ones.

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Without further ado, here are the most affordable gift options for you!

  1. Free stocks

This Christmas, we would highly recommend you gifting stocks to your loved ones. Sending someone stocks of the company is an excellent, unique, and very different way of showing someone you care. You can send supplies by using apps and handpick the stocks of your or their choice.

  • Meal boxes

If your friend is fond of cooking or a chef, you can consider gifting them a meal box. They don’t have to cook after coming home from a hectic day and spend an hour cooking and cleaning. They will thank you for this box of happiness!

Every meal delivery service is perfect for your friends & family. Even for the ones who scramble an egg.

  • Jewelry

Jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive all the time. Some jewelry is also affordable, namely, small jewelry and costume jewelry. Small jewelry such as bracelets, rings & neckpieces are often made with quality materials and are fall within budget. For gifting something personal, go for a birthstone bracelet!

Costume jewelry adds fun and fancy to every outfit without any cost. For a friend who loves to dress up, go for a chunky necklace set!

  • Personalized mug

Yes, we know that people already have a lot of mugs, and that’s true. But if you ever see someone using the same profiles every day, they probably do not have a favorite profile yet!

You can get a personalized coffee mug with a photo for under $15, and it would remind them of a pleasant memory every time they see the cup or take a sip of coffee in it.

  • Creative mask

As the world is still fighting COVID-19, the factories and artists have now begun to design creative & quirky masks. And you can get yours designed virtually.

Think of a favorite thing, Google it, and you’ll get thousands of design ideas and options. And you can order a custom-made mask for gifting your dear friend.

  • A photo frame

The most emotional yet affordable gift you can ever gift someone is a photo together that shows a memory. If you’re thinking of giving a picture to your mother or your partner, we would recommend gifting a laser-engraved photo frame online, including the date on which the photo was taken, and don’t forget to include an inside joke.

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