Get to Know the Basics and What’s Trending in Glass Bong Category?

You decided to add bongs to your vaping experience. Even though you have been using rolling papers, so there will be a need to get educated on how to use bong the proper way. Even if the bongs differ in size, shape, design, and material they have four major elements.

Basic bong elements

  • Water chamber
  • Neck
  • Downstem
  • Bowl

The bowl will hold the dry herb. The downstem connects bowl and mouthpiece from where you inhale smoke. Water sits in the bottom chamber, which removes the smoke impurities and cools smoke to give inhaler a clean, tasty hit.

Bubbler bong is small and compact. You can browse through the wide collection on The common bong design categories you will see on Express Smoke Shop include –

  • Beaker – The pieces have wide bottoms and a back that tapers towards the neck.
  • Straight tube – The piece maintains a cylindrical shape right from the bottom to the mouthpiece.
  • Mini – The height of the mini bongs available in a plethora of designs are below 8 inches.

Bong materials

There is a range of materials used to design bongs ranging from silicone to acrylic to borosilicate glass. Acrylic bongs are fond of leech material, which ruins the hit. Silicone is a great option for clumsy stoners, while ceramic is less popular. Glass is a more preferred material among users because it offers the best hits without any compromise on the taste.

What’s trending in glass bong arena?

The new glass bong designs are aimed at enhancing something from a previous one. There are different types of percs, quality, versatility, creative visuals, and efficiency that go in finding an ideal piece. However, try new models because a tiny change makes a difference. For example, the new design allows removing the bowl and transforming the piece into a dab rig. Some have multiple mouthpieces that can be used to share a hit directly.

Even though there have been new releases and upgrades, the glass trend has remained the same. The joint sizes or bowl pieces remain at 14”, while female pieces are most popular. The durable glass popularity will never fade away. However, as the designs get updated constantly you can find different ways to improve your vaping experience. Many variations allow users to find a comfortable piece to settle down. The right bong choice is personal ranging from efficiency, versatility, percolators, and style.

Experienced glass bong owners prefer practical pieces, which are durable and cater well to their heavy delivery needs. Some stick to beakers or straight tubes as they have a sturdy base and are easy to clean. Designs are graphics inspired pieces that offer bong makers and consumers a new experience. Creative designs allow everyone to get a piece that suits their personality.

Bong trends change every season. There are awesome pieces that get constantly released. The experience was never versatile with all the ways of upgrading your accessories ranging from roll-ups and as-catchers to vaporizers. The options are universal with every piece conveying a unique story ranging from social smoke outs to solo sessions.

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